Neural machine translation is a recently proposed approach to machine translation. Unlike the traditional statistical machine translation, the neural machine translation aims at building a single neural network that can be jointly tuned to maximize the translation performance.

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Temporal difference (TD) learning has been used to learn strong evaluation functions in a variety of two-player games. TD-gammon illustrated how the combination of game tree search and learning methods can achieve grand-master level play in backgammon. In this work, we develop a player for the game of hearts, a 4-player game, based on stochastic linear regression and TD learning. Using a small set of basic game features we exhaustively combined features into a more expressive representation of the game state. We report initial results on learning with various combinations of features and training under self-play and against search-based players. Our simple learner was able to beat one of the best search-based hearts programs.

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Induction Networks for Few-Shot Text Classification 的翻译

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pytorch 1.3.1 文档中文翻译

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jinja 2.11 文档中文翻译。 Jinja 是一种适用于 Python 的现代且设计友好的模板语言,以 Django 的模板为模型。 它快速、使用广泛且有可选的模板沙盒执行环境保障安全。

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最新 Google Python 风格指南的中文翻译

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最新 Google C++ 风格指南的中文翻译

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django 182 中文 翻译

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Python 352 文档的中文翻译

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